A partially made wooden jigsaw puzzle of the counties of the British Isles with two hands holding two pieces.
a partially made jigsaw puzzle of the counties of the British Isles, a hand is holding the piece of Oxfordshire.
A partially made puzzle of the counties of the British isles. A hand is holding the sea area piece labelled Forth.
A puzzle of the British Isle counties that is partially made. every County is a separate piece.
Two hand holding a stained wooden box, with a sliding lid. On the box is a label showing the Counties of the British Isles puzzle inside
A pile of all the pieces of the Counties of the British Isles puzzle. There are two hands holding two pieces of the puzzle either side of the pile.
a completed wooden Puzzle showing the Counties of the British isles on a pale wood background.

British Isles Counties and Sea Areas Puzzle

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Improve your knowledge of the British Isles with this puzzle.

Each county is individually cut to shape and labelled and the surrounding sea is cut into Sea Areas, as used in the shipping forecast. This puzzle is a mix of historic and modern counties.  We have tried to use well-known county names to make the puzzle more user-friendly.


The wooden box contains:
1 Puzzle, 
1 Time records book, 
1 Pencil.

Technical Details
150 Pieces
Puzzle Size - 46cm x 59cm
Box Size - 19.5cm x 19.5cm x 10.5cm

All Heirloom Puzzles are designed and made in Wiltshire, England.

Made with top quality, FSC certified 3mm MDF. This wood has high strength and stability. The artwork is directly printed onto its surface for long-lasting enjoyment.

The puzzle comes in a lovely quality, solid wooden box. 

Included in each puzzle is a time records book and pencil. This book allows you to keep track of when and who completed the puzzle, and how long it took. It lets you keep track of your improving knowledge. It also gives competitive friends and families the ability to challenge each other. As the years go by we hope this book becomes an important part of a treasured family heirloom.